Online safeguarding

As music groups rise to the digital challenge and find innovative ways to move the musical and social aspect of their groups to an online space, it’s important they remember the responsibilities they have to their members too.

Recording video at home

A step-by-step guide to help you video a performance using everyday equipment

1. Consider what to capture

You could be videoing complete with audio or perhaps you want to focus on just the visuals of a performance to contribute to a larger project. Consider the following for your own project:

Video with audio

Recording audio at home

This step-by-step guide will help you achieve great results with everyday equipment to record your voice or instrument

1. Choose your location

This will have a huge impact on your recording's quality and it's worth considering...

Digital storage

If your group produces digital content for online rehearsals and other projects, then you will need a way to store and share it online with your members. So where can you put all this digital content safely?

Livestreaming: tips from promoting groups

Two of our member promoting groups have tried out livestreaming for the very first time, with some of our Philip and Dorothy Green Young Artist Award winners. We have collected what they learned below to help any other groups thinking about livestreaming a concert.

Making the most of online rehearsals

Some music groups might be looking at running part or all their activities online. This is of course an entirely legitimate approach, but you will need a well-structured programme of activities to keep the enthusiasm and momentum going.

Whilst online activities can never replace the musical experience of an in-person rehearsal, there are opportunities to use this as a learning time to help people develop their skills and technique, whilst using repertoire that everyone enjoys.

Guide to livestreaming

A livestream performance is one that is broadcast live over the internet, offering a digital route to audiences as an alternative to in-person performances.

Livestreaming platforms

There are several third-party platforms available that allow you to livestream performances: YouTube, Facebook Live and Crowdcast are just some of the platforms we have come across.

Online donation platforms

When fundraising for your group, there are lots of websites that you can use to take and manage your donations.

With most online donation platforms you can create a page for your group, where you can tell your story about who you are and what you are fundraising for, as well as add images and branding. You can then point people to this page where they make their online donation.

Zoom: how it works

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an online platform that allows you to have a meeting virtually, where every participant is in a seperate location, but they can still hear and see each other.

Do I need the internet to use it?

Zoom is most commonly used on a device connected to the internet, and if you want to see or be seen then you will need to be online. But you can also dial in to a meeting using a normal phone line, in this case the person on the telephone can hear and be heard but cannot see or be seen.

Zoom: online rehearsals (instrumental)

This resource covers how to use the online meeting platform Zoom for online instrumental rehearsals. To find out more about Zoom and how to set it up, read our Zoom: how it works resource.