Hiring or buying music from publishers

Obtaining music from publishers is vital for leisure-time music groups. Whilst it can be a big and sometimes difficult task, it doesn’t have to be. We have worked with various publishers and the Music Publishers Association (MPA) on this guidance to ensure our groups can access the music they want and receive the best possible service in doing so.

Discover the Amateur Choir Licence from PMLL

Since 2019, Making Music has worked with corporate member Printed Music Licence Limited (PMLL) - part of the Music Publishers Association - and Making Music members to create an amateur choir licence, launching this April. This licence allows leisure-time choirs to photocopy sheet music.

Support for Ukraine

In response to queries from members about what to do about putting on events in support of Ukraine and about performing Russian music and engaging Russian performers, we have put together some guidance.

Showing support for Ukraine

Raise money to support aid efforts in Ukraine

This is something lots of groups are doing at their events. There are a few things to be aware of to make sure you are raising money so that you aren't moving away from your charity objectives, and that donations are used in the best way.

Webinar recording: The challenges of recruiting and retaining volunteers

In this recording of our webinar (original event 18 March 2022), a panel of guest speakers discussed the challenges of recruiting and retaining volunteers, particularly in the context of the pandemic.

Volunteers are difficult to come by – increasing regulation, rising retirement ages, less regular working hours and less stable working lives have probably contributed to fewer people volunteering.

Gift Aid and membership subscriptions

Gift Aid is a government tax relief that allows charities to claim an extra 25p for every £1 that an individual donates. There are rules within the Gift Aid legislation that also allow charities to claim Gift Aid on membership subscriptions, even though they are not donations. This guidance is about claiming Gift Aid on membership subscriptions.

Contactless payments and card readers

These days, in most cases all it takes is a quick swipe of plastic to pay for something. With people increasingly expecting to pay by card, it can be extremely worthwhile for a leisure-time music group to take card payments. 

Whether payments are being made for member subscriptions, on the door ticket sales, donations or for merchandise such as CDs, a card reader and Point of Sale (POS) system can be very handy.

How to claim Gift Aid for your group

This guidance describes the current situation with regard to Gift Aid and the voluntary music sector. Please note that Gift Aid is available to UK recognised charities, regardless of whether or not they are also registered charities.

Webinar recording: Climate change - spring network meeting

Our second meeting in the termly Climate Network series (original event 18 February 2022) saw contributions from Classical Declares Emergency and other speakers, providing inspiration and more ideas on what contribution music can make towards solving the issues associated with climate change - including a ‘repertoire corner’.

Our speakers discussed what contribution music can make towards solving the issues associated with climate change:

What do you get for your membership?

There are three types: we influence on your behalf; we offer practical and artistic support; and we connect you to each other and to relevant contacts.

Webinar recording: Are you programming women composers?

In this recording of our webinar (original event 21 January 2022), a panel of guest speakers discussed population gender balance not being reflected in the music we play, sing and listen to, as per recent research. 

We welcomed:

  • Elizabeth de Brito from The Daffodil Perspective, the world’s first gender-balanced, racially equitable classical music podcast

  • Helen Sanderson, trustee for The F-list, founder of Guitar Circus and Head of Guitar Studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama