Engaging professional artists

Template contract for working with professional musicians

We have created a template contract for engaging freelance performers in a one-off performance or series of performances.

We have created it with lawyers, and it is intended to be a starting point only. It should not be considered a finalised legal document or as constituting legal advice. Neither Making Music nor its legal advisors shall be liable for any decisions made or action taken in reliance on this document, or for any damage arising from its use. The contract is suitable for use in all countries of the United Kingdom. 

Tackling barriers to access and inclusion (online event)

Creating an event or activity that is accessible, welcoming and inclusive of everyone starts with one big question: what are the barriers that would exclude someone from taking part? People who experience barriers to making and enjoying music are more likely to be disabled, from an ethnic minority, have a mental or physical health condition or be in challenging socio-economic circumstances. How can you identify the barriers that exclude people from taking part in your group's events and activities, or stop people being included when they experience a change of circumstance?


United Kingdom

Opera Anywhere

Opera Anywhere is passionate about producing accessible, innovative and entertaining opera and operetta for all ages. 

Composers Edition

Founded by Dan Goren and launched in 2013, Composers Edition is a unique publishing enterprise, which works to bring composers and performers together, and facilitates and celebrates music making involving contemporary repertoire. 

The Composers Edition team is especially focussed on opening up new music to musicians and programmers who might feel uncertain about what and how to programme or commission new work.

Selected Artists Guide

The Selected Artists Guide is created by the Making Music Selected Artists Panel, and lists a selection of outstanding musicians available to Making Music members to book.

Recommended Artists Guide

In 2022 we are delighted to be launching a new and exclusive Recommended Artists Guide, an online database of affordable professional artists to book specially by leisure-time music groups and promoters.

Case studies: Group activity during Covid

The pandemic has thrown all kinds of challenges in the way of group music making. However, our member groups have found ways to rehearse or safely put on performances whether entirely online, in person, or a combination of both - all while managing to mitigate the risks of Covid infection. Read about how they have done this in their own words.

Working with your music director to deliver online activities

The brave new world of online rehearsal has taken off in a way we couldn’t have imagined just six months ago. While it can be great it isn’t always plain sailing and we know some groups have decided against online rehearsals, whilst others have had limited success.  

Groups that have been successful have told us their Musical Director or conductor (MD) has been central to this, and equally where groups have struggled it is often because their MD has not been able to offer support as much as they would like.

Livestreaming: tips from promoting groups

Two of our member promoting groups have tried out livestreaming for the very first time, with some of our Philip and Dorothy Green Young Artist Award winners. We have collected what they learned below to help any other groups thinking about livestreaming a concert.

Last Minute Musicians

Entertainment Directory Service offers direct access to some of the very best bands, musicians, entertainers in the UK.