YOURACCOMPANIST piano recordings

YOURACCOMPANIST specialises in the creation of piano accompaniment recordings.

Established in 2006, the catalogue focuses on singers’ repertoire, and has grown to more than 5,000 tracks and is expanding all the time on the basis of customer suggestions. We provide the support you need to make the most of your precious rehearsal time, helping you to prepare to the highest possible standard.

We make it easy for singers (and increasingly other users of music such as instrumentalists, choir leaders, choreographers and worship leaders) to access the expert musicianship they need to excel in rehearsal, performance, note learning, auditions and any other setting where high quality piano playing in a recorded format is the most appropriate tool for the job.

All our tracks are performed at the piano by expert accompanists who are also available to make bespoke tracks, including note learning tools for choirs. 

Special discount for Making Music members 

We are delighted to offer a code for 50% off instant downloads and sharing licences for the use of your group to obtain and distribute YOURACCOMPANIST tracks. The code can also be passed to your members when they purchase instant downloads for their personal use: MAKINGMUSICGROUPMEMBER

Use the code on our website

Making Music members will also enjoy priority treatment for custom recording projects – just let us know the name of your Making Music group during the commissioning process and we will make sure that you obtain the best possible prices and fastest turnaround we can offer.

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Tell your members

Below you can find an easy copy-and-paste email which you can use to inform your group members about their YOURACCOMPANIST discount.

Dear [Making Music Group Member],

I wanted to let you know that Making Music has a new Corporate Member benefit for you. 

The number one provider of piano accompaniments, which happens to be a family business based in the UK, YOURACCOMPANIST, has just joined Making Music as a Corporate Member and is offering you half price piano accompaniments with the code: MAKINGMUSICGROUPMEMBER

You can take them up on this generous discount and you find lots of lovely things to sing on their website to explore the selection and purchase tracks via

You can find out more about the company via their Corporate Member blog on the Making Music website.

YOURACCOMPANIST are a small, approachable team who are open to suggestions for new additions to the instant download selection, as well as providing specialist time-bound recording services for the creation of bespoke or tailored tracks via their dedicated website

[Your name and sign-off]

Download our flyer which you can attach along with your email or share on your social media. Learn more about what YOURACCOMPANIST offers via the Corporate Member blog.

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