Insurance for your group from Making Music

Your Making Music membership includes access to our exclusive insurance packages, arranged by The National Federation of Music Societies, supported by our preferred insurance broker Finch which can be accessed as part of the membership and is provided by Covea Insurance plc.

Insurance - protection where you need it

Our packages are tailor-made for leisure-time music groups and provide a comprehensive range of covers including public and employers’ liability, Directors and Officers liability, event cancellation, property, and money.

The packages cover your rehearsals and events and protect your directors and officers, members, and the general public against adverse incidents that arise from your activities and for which your organisation is found liable.

Policy dates

All our insurance packages run from 1 January to 31 December each year. So if you take out a policy today it will run from today until 31 December this year. 


  • Our Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages have two prices; one if your turnover is under £21K and one if your turnover is between £21K and £100K.
  • If your income is over £100k then you will need a custom policy. Contact Finch to find out more – just say you are part of Making Music. 
  • Premiums are pro-rated from 1 April, 1 July and 1 September.

All premiums outlined below are for policies covering the period of 1 April 2024 to the 31 December 2024. The premiums quoted include Insurance Premium Tax at 12%. 

  Full members Associate members
Income Income
Up to £21,000 £21,001 - £100,000 Up to £21,000 £21,001 - £100,000
  • Public and Products Liability £5m (including Directors and Officers liability £100k)
  • Employers Liability £10m
  • Money £2,000


(Full year £49)




(Full year £79)




(Full year £97)




(Full year £215)



  • Public and Products Liability £5m (including Directors and Officers liability £100k)
  • Employers Liability £10m
  • Money £2,000
  • "All Risks" Property up to £20,000 with a single item limit of £5,000 (including property borrowed or temporarily hired in)
  • Cancellation/Abandonment £2,500 any one claim or period of insurance


(Full year £104)




(Full year £151)




(Full year £205)




(Full year £411)



  • Public and Products Liability £5m (including Directors and Officers liability £100k)
  • Employers Liability £10m
  • Money £3,000
  • "All Risks" Property up to £50,000 with a single item limit of £5,000 (including property borrowed or temporarily hired in)
  • Cancellation/Abandonment £10,000 any one claim or period of insurance


(Full year £200)




(Full year £283)




(Full year £398)




(Full year £770)



Custom Cover

If your group's turnover is above £100,000 a year or you require alternative covers not included (such as buildings) contact Finch who can arrange cover. 

Please note that your insurance documents (ie: policy schedule, certificate of employers' liability, policy summary, policy wording, and terms of business) will be downloadable from your Dashboard on this website once you have registered and logged in.

Policy Summary

Below is a summary of what each part of the cover does. You must also: 



You should review the policy documents carefully to ensure they accurately reflect the cover, conditions, limits and other terms that you require. Particular attention should be paid to policy conditions and warranties as failure to comply with these could invalidate your policy. Claims can arise, under certain types of insurance contract, long after the expiry of the policy. It is therefore important that you retain and keep safely all documents associated with your policy.

1.  Public liability

Public liability insurance of £5 million for any one event provides cover for bodily injury to third parties, for which the group is legally liable.

2.  Employers’ liability

Employers’ liability insurance, with a limit of indemnity of £10 million in any one occurrence, provides cover for bodily injuries to volunteers and employees for which the group is legally liable. Whilst not a legal requirement, this conforms to best practice advice given by the Charity Commission to consider volunteers as employees.

It is usual for authorised volunteers acting for a group to be regarded as employees for the purposes of insurance; this is because society increasingly regards volunteers in the same light as employees. For example, the Health & Safety Executive now regards volunteers as employees, and persons who make use of volunteers as employers. The same level of training, information, and advice must be given to both employees and volunteers.

3.  Products liability

Products liability insurance of £5 million in any one period of insurance covers the member organisation for accidental bodily injury to third parties or damage to their property caused by goods sold or supplied.

4.  Directors and Officers liability

Directors and Officers liability of £100,000 in any one period of insurance and provides cover for wrongful (but not deliberate or wilful) acts committed by a director or officer. Cover is also provided if a group-related document is lost or damaged. 

5.  Money insurance

  • Money insurance provides cover for losses in certain cases. Some examples are:
  • non-negotiable money such as crossed cheques, money orders, and vouchers
  • while locked safe at the insured’s premises or the home of an authorised person from the member organisation
  • money in collection tins and envelopes
  • money in transit
  • Further details about this can be found on the ‘Policy Summary’ document provided by Finch.

6.  Property insurance

Member groups who choose the Silver’, or ‘Gold’ options also have cover for general property such as equipment, risers, music libraries, group owned instruments, etc.

Please note: Property cover is only applicable for property belonging to or lent to or hired under a contract of hire to the group. Items owned by private individuals need to be insured by those individuals.

7.  Cancellation & Abandonment insurance

Member groups choosing the Silver’, or ‘Gold’ options also have cover for the cancellation or abandonment of concerts, workshops, and conferences (see the Policy Summary for clarification). Cover is in respect of the out of pocket expenses that cannot be recovered if the event is cancelled or abandoned or additional expenses incurred up to the cost of cancelling the performance where a performance is postponed or substitute artists are engaged in order to prevent cancellation of the performance.

Please note: This does not include any event that is cancelled due to lack of support or poor weather, unless on the grounds of safety.

Additional insurance cover

In addition to the main insurance package as stated above, groups are able to purchase optional insurance cover at additional rates. Please note that you need to have the main policy in place in order to purchase additional covers.

1.  Increased Public Liability cover

Bronze, Silver, and Gold packages include Public Liability to £5 million for any one event.  If you wish to increase Public Liability to £10 million please contact Finch. 

2.  Buildings insurance

Finch can also quote for cover required for buildings. Please contact Finch directly so that we can gather information from you for quotation purposes.

3.  Other cover

Finch is able to arrange various personal and commercial insurances. Please contact Finch directly. 

Insurance 2024

Your insurance provider is changing with effect from 1st January 2024 and will now be underwritten with Covea Insurance Plc. There are some important changes highlighted below.

The insurance is very similar to the previous scheme, however there are a few differences.

  • The territorial limits of the new policy (i.e., the places that cover applies) are Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, any member country of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. If you require cover for activities outside these locations, please contact Finch Insurance who will help you with your requirements.
  • Cover for Money and Assault applies to members between the ages of 16 and 80.

You need to know which level of insurance cover you require, and you must check this policy continues to meet your requirements in your Dashboard.

Renewal of policies will normally be carried at the same time as renewing your membership of Making Music.

  • Making Music will notify you by email when your renewal is due. To renew, complete our online renewal form. You can either pay online by credit or debit card or elect to pay later and send cheque or BACS. 
  • Custom policies: if you have a custom policy Finch will contact you with a renewal premium before you complete your renewal and payment.
  • If you wish to upgrade a standard insurance package (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Brass) during the year please contact Making Music.
  • If you wish to make a mid-term adjustment and upgrade to a custom policy or take out a temporary policy during the year, please contact Finch to receive your quote. 
  • If this cover does not meet your requirements, please return all your documents to Finch. If cover has not yet started, you will receive a full refund of the premium. If cover has started, we will refund the premium for the exact number of days left on the policy. No refund will be given if a claim has been submitted or there have been any incidents likely to give rise to a claim during the current period of insurance.
  • The National Federation of Music Societies or Finch will not offer any advice and you will need to make your own decision regarding the suitability of any policy of insurance purchased.

Please contact Making Music to make payment or for help downloading your insurance documents on Telephone: 0207 939 6030 or Email:

Contact us

Telephone: 0118 334 8868
Contact Finch if you have any further questions or to receive a quote for additional insurance requirements.

Making Music office
Telephone: 020 7939 6030
Contact Making Music to make payment or for help downloading your group’s insurance documents.

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