Apply to a scholarship for Sing for Pleasure's Young Conductors Programme

National choral charity Sing for Pleasure has announced that applications are open for scholarships for its 2017-18 Young Conduct

Philip & Dorothy Green Young Artists concert

Once again I was privileged to be able to attend the presentation concert of our new Young Artists, available now for engagements

Missed the AYCA concert? Listen to the artists' recordings

Once again, the Annual General Meeting day included the concert showcasing the newly selected Philip and Dorothy Green Young Conc

Selected Artists - 2016

The 2016 edition of Selected artists. Created by the Making Music CPG committee, and containing a selection of outstanding musicians available at specially negotiated fees to all Making Music members.

Meet the 2016 AYCA winners

The winners can be engaged by Making Music's 3000+ members - music clubs, amateur choirs and orchestras - at fixed fees and s


Making Music presents a number of awards, bursaries and prizes to individual musicians, groups and organisations in both the voluntary and professional sector.

Some of these, such as the Groves Prizes, recognise lifelong contributions to the musical life of the UK, while the music awards celebrate the music creators, arrangers and innovative new music projects that leisure-time music groups are involved with.

For professionals and businesses

Making Music offers opportunities for professional musicians, ensembles, businesses and suppliers to get involved with us and our members

Professionals can apply for the Philip & Dorothy Green Young Artists awards, or to be one of our Selected Artists who we promote to our 3,700+ leisure-time music groups for bookings. Music creators can apply for our Adopt a Music Creator project and work with a leisure-time music group for a year. Or you can search the wide range of musical vacancies on our website for roles with our member groups.