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Why leisure-time music making matters

Why leisure-time and community music making matters (and why it could be useful for you to know how to say that)

The evidence bank

A range of reports, resources and further reading that provide evidence of the wide-ranging benefits (to individuals and communities) of lesiure-time music. Useful for funding applications, campaigns and general advocacy.

Our Cultural Commons

The two UK-wide organisations that specifically support and represent local creative cultural activity, Voluntary Arts and Arts Development UK, championed Our Cultural Commons - a major initiative that ran from 2016 to 2018 in response to the changing landscape of cultural provision in local areas.

How to make the case for leisure-time music

There are a number of reasons why you may want or need to make the case for your musical activity: because it is threatened (for example, by proposed changes to your music library); because you want to lobby your local authority to create, re-instate or keep a facility or service (e.g. a community venue); or because you need to prove to a potential sponsor or funder why music is worth supporting.

We have therefore put together some useful materials to help you make the case for leisure-time music.

These are:

Past campaign: Wakefield Music Collection saved!

In 2011, Making Music successfully campaigned to save the Wakefield music collection, one of the most important national collections in the UK, used by thousands of amateur music groups.

Following cuts to spending in 2011, the Wakefield music and drama library, one of the biggest and most important collections of music in the country with over 500,000 scores, was threatened with closure and the break-up of a vital centralised resource for amateur musicians. 

Music libraries

Music libraries, a crucial resource for leisure-time music groups, are under threat. Find out what you can do.

In recent years local authorities have been increasingly strapped for cash. Music libraries, a part of their library service, are often the first to be considered for the chop. However, music library services are used by amateur music groups all over the UK to source around 45% of all the music they need.

Treasurers' survey - 2013

Read the results of our 2013 Treasurers' Survey - a snapshot of the state of leisure-time music in the UK, with useful statistics and figures for music advocacy and campaigns.