Survey: The value of musical groups to their communities

Please fill out this survey, part of a piece of research by the Sheffield Performer and Audience Research Centre (SPARC, part of Sheffield University Music Department), to help us gather data to support campaigns and lobbying for amateur music groups.

When we (and other music advocacy organisations) are making the case for amateur music groups to those in power, being able to demonstrate their value to communities is vital – and we don’t yet have the hard evidence to do so.

This pilot project is looking at how and what data we need to collect to discover more about the difference your groups make to your local communities. Please help us gather this information by filling in the survey below so that we can better help you.


The survey is now closed. Thanks to all those groups who responded. We hope to be able to share the results in the summer of 2017.


We're a funny kind of choir - we originated among Quakers in the 80s as a scratch choir singing concerts mainly in support of CND, then evolved into a permanent choir, still with a majority of Quaker members, and then spread, though the ethos is still very strong. This is why we don't seek to make more money than we need to keep us going, though do seek to widen our audience. The result is a lovely mix of friendly people

Our choir of ladies started about 30 years ago and we meet to enjoy singing and being together. It has been proved to be a great support to any member who has, for example, been bereaved or needs comfort. We also have a handbell-ringing group drawn from members of the choir. We perform three concerts a year, always for a charity.

We are just about to enter our 48th year. We still have one original member. When new people join us they are reluctant to leave. We are a very friendly supportive choir and know each other well. Our repertoire is mainly church music with an emphasis on early music and contemporary and we can be quite adventurous. We reach a good standard, singing mainly a cappella

The Three Valleys Male Voice Choir started in 1994 with 5 members. Today it has 35, with two of the original ones. We perform publicly on a average of 10 times per year. The same number of private concerts in day centres, elderly persons homes and with disability groups. About twice a year we sing with other choirs in combined concerts. Once a year we travel to a city or seaside town for a weekend with our partners and supporters, singing at two local venues. We have a very varied repertoire with some audience participation.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our way of life with you.