Survey: The value of musical groups to their communities

When we (and other music advocacy organisations) are making the case for amateur music groups to those in power, being able to de

Results of our Paying Professional Musicians survey

Our latest research reveals the varied nature of roles and engagements by amateur music groups of professional musicians.

What fees do groups pay for professional musicians? Survey summary tables.

This page summarises some of the results from our survey in January 2016, and then gives full findings on each type of musician, including average, lowest and highest fees, and ranges.

Help to shape the future of choral music

Do you love the idea of digital scores and rich-media choral apps, or does the thought of losing physical scores make your blood boil?

Treasurers' survey - 2013

Read the results of our 2013 Treasurers' Survey - a snapshot of the state of amateur music in the UK, with useful statistics and figures for music advocacy and campaigns.