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Respond to the Charity Commission’s new social media draft guidance

The Charity Commission recently released new draft guidance on social media use for charities and invites Charitable organisation

New My Charity Commission Account to launch in 2023!

The Charity Commission for England and Wales are making some changes to the online account charity trustees use to access service

Charities Act 2022

If your group is a charity and wishes to continue holding electronic or hybrid meetings, you might need to update your governing

Making Music model constitution

The constitution will put your music group on solid footing in terms of charity structure, regulation and governance and will be hugely valuable in helping you run your group as well as helping to ensure your registration with the Charity Commission is fast tracked. This guidance explains more about what a constitution is and explains why and how you should use our model constitution, including some notes on creating a separate rules and regulation document to go alongside it.

Blog: An update for music groups with charitable status 

A round-up of the changes you might need to make if your group is a charity that meets online, and Gift Aid rules around non-refu

Trustee handbook

This handbook will help you manage your charity and answers the most common questions about your responsibility as a committee member (trustee) of a charity.

Use our Charity Registration Service Charity Registration Service is designed to make the process of registering as a charity as simple as possible. Find out how we can help you.

Annual returns - new resources from the Charity Commission

All registered charities with an income of more than £10,000 and all Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIOs) have to submit an annual return t

"A dog ate our accounts" and why you should avoid filing your charity annual return late

If you’re a registered charity, then once a year, no later than 9 months after the end of your financial year, you need to file an annual return with the Charity Commission.