New My Charity Commission Account to launch in 2023!

The Charity Commission for England and Wales are making some changes to the online account charity trustees use to access services. They are launching a new system called My Charity Commission Account.

How does the new system work?

Currently, each charity has an online account with one main contact and one password only. This means either only one trustee is able to login – or that the login is shared by multiple people – neither of which is ideal.

The new system will allow each trustee, contact or professional who works on behalf of a charity to have their own personal account so they can access the services and information they need. The level of access each person has to the Charity Commission’s services will be determined by their role or relationship to the charity.

There will also be an administrator account for the person who is registered as the charity's point of contact. This account will be designated as the 'primary administrator' and will have full access to all online services. 

The administrator can set up a third-party account. This could be to give a lawyer or someone at Making Music access, if they are helping with a particular piece of work. They can also restrict a third-party account to only have access to what is relevant.  

The changes will significantly improve the way charities access Charity Commission services and manage their charity details, making them more secure and easier to manage. 

When is this happening? 

The new system does not go live until Spring 2023, but the Charity Commission are asking charities to do a bit of work now to help prepare for the switch. If you are the current main contact for a charity you will need to make sure you have checked and updated a few things. Find more details on how to do this on the Gov UK website. The Charity Commission will also be contacting charities directly about this.

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