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Making connections: a carefully programmed concert is greater than the sum of its parts

Today we have incredible access to a seemingly infinite amount of music: Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music – not to mention an abundance of online score libraries. I see these as far from overwhelming, rather as advantageous resources in enabling increased diversity on the concert platform.

Snow time

The Snowman, with live music by a full orchestra – it’s a dream Christmas treat for families, and orchestras all over the country (not to mention all over the world) are getting in on the act.

Insiders Anonymous: The conductor of amateur orchestras

It’s easy for conductors starting their careers to regard amateur orchestras as a step en route to the inevitable glory of the Berlin Philharmonic. Some people probably don’t even consider conducting amateurs a possibility. But I cut my teeth with this early on and I started to realise that I enjoyed it more than conducting professionals.

Extended intervals

In his first diary column for Classical Music, roving critic Michael White has mixed feelings as he reacquaints himself with the Albert Hall and goes from the sublime to the riotous during a musical sojourn in the south of France.

Insiders Anonymous: The country house opera usher

It’s not well paid and no one needs to see Carmen four times in a summer, but something keeps them coming back.