Climate change: how music groups can get involved

Making Music’s Climate Change Network brings together leisure-time music groups, musicians and campaigners to discuss what we can do to tackle climate change. We have created this open resource page to collate ideas, links and useful information to help groups play their part.

The categories below may expand or merge in the future and we suggest you look at all of them – we may not have filed information in the way you expect! 

Webinar recording: Climate emergency - what can music groups do?

In this recording of our guest speaker webinar (original event 8 October 2021), we look at the climate emergency and what music groups can do about it.

We welcome Ben See (composer and choir leader), Chris Hutchings (Choirs for Climate), Alison Burnley (Oi Musica) and Nina Vinther (singer and climate campaigner)

Topics covered include: 

  • Practical measures music groups can implement

  • The impact of group action, and the ripple effect

  • How to use music and repertoire to communicate with a wider public

Make some noise for COP26!

As the COP26 UN Climate Summit draws near, music makers from all walks of life are invited to make a noise for climate justice.