Make some noise for COP26!

As the COP26 UN Climate Summit draws near, music makers from all walks of life are invited to make a noise for climate justice.

Following the viral success of rousing climate song ‘Enough is Enough’ by Karine Polwart, the Soundhouse Choir and Oi Musica in November 2020, the artists involved are launching a global call-out for anyone and everyone to get involved, sharing a message for world leaders ahead of critical talks due to be held in Glasgow from 1-12 November.

Let it Grow!

From lockdown seeds sown in Edinburgh to carnival creations in South London, African-diaspora musical collaborations and Scottish hip hop cyphers, Let it Grow – launched in August 2021 – is a grassroots project. Conceived by independent artists and supported by micro-organisations working across Scotland at community level, it invites choirs, community ensembles, musicians, schools and anyone else to add their voice, build public pressure and have some creative fun ahead of COP26.

What to expect

Since the release of 'Enough is Enough' at the end of 2020, its creators have been busy raising funds, building partnerships and creating opportunities for music makers across a range of genres, ages and backgrounds to get involved. Their vision is of a crashing, tumbling tidal wave of music that gathers pace online and in person through the autumn; there will be unique interpretations of, or new works inspired by, 'Enough is Enough' – from groups as varied as a Glasgow hip hop collective, a group of African diaspora musicians, a French-Arabic piece from Brussels and a carnival street band collaboration involving 150 young musicians from six UK locations including London, Greater Manchester, Edinburgh and Glasgow.


There is also an open invite for members of the public to learn a few lyrics or write something new and share a clip on social media, contributing to the tidal wave and ramping up public pressure as the world’s attention turns to Glasgow.

Find out more on Let it Grow's website and download the free Scottish Classical Music Green Guide 2021