Opinion: In praise of face masks

One choir member shares their view on face coverings in choral settings

Resources for your group during coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown up huge challenges for music groups, whether that’s staying connected with members, learning how to rehearse online, recording performances, assessing the risks of meeting in person and making sure everyone is safe, all while working out how to protect your finances. So we have created a range of resources to help your group to pick up again and thrive in these uncertain times.

And still we play (and sing)

Following changes to the rules governing social interaction in all the nations of the UK, confusion arose as to their application

Carry on singing and playing

Today, the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) confirmed that: 

New coronavirus rules?

Following the announcement by the UK government last week, Making Music were told originally by the Department for Culture, Media

Combining online and in-person rehearsals

As we move back towards being able to run our rehearsals in person, it’s important to think about including all your members. Some of your members will be raring to get back to normality, and face-to-face rehearsals and concerts. Some, however, might still be self-isolating, or might be struggling with technology, and these challenges could result in them feeling left out and excluded from your group.

Good news: it's now possible to BringBackMyChoir / BringBackMyBand

Making Music warmly welcomes the update published by DCMS to their performing arts guidance for England on 13 August.