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Adding voice to OTR - a Making Music campaign

Making Music has joined with almost 40 major music sector organisations, networks and individuals calling for 'voice' to be added

Tax relief for choirs

Making Music and other major music sector organisations are calling for the eligibility criteria for Orchestra Tax Relief to be changed so choirs can also benefit. Making Music members and the wider music sector can support this call by approaching MPs and candidates for election in 2024 to raise this issue.  

Click the links below to read our signed proposal on adding voice as an instrument and the accompanying press release:

Update on Creative Tax Reliefs, Gift Aid and banking for charities

Making Music reports on increased rates for Creative Tax Reliefs announced in the Spring Budget.

OTR service provides £0.5 million in extra income

Making Music helps leisure-time instrumental groups claim £500,000 with the Orchestra Tax Relief service, which they can invest b

Spending review and budget 27 October 2021: headlines for leisure-time music groups

It’s not often that the government budget and spending review creates headlines for leisure-time music groups, but this time it d

Orchestra Tax Relief overview: What it is, who can benefit and how we can help

Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR) is a government initiative for instrumental groups (not only orchestras!) where you could receive a payment from HMRC equal to a percentage of your production costs.

Despite being called 'Orchestra Tax Relief':

  • the initiative can apply to many types of instrumental group – so don’t be put off if your group is not a traditional orchestra 
  • you don’t have to be paying tax to claim it.   

Groups who put on eligible performances can submit a claim to HMRC each year for the payment. 

Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR) overview - webinar

This online webinar will introduce you to Orchestra Tax Relief, a new source of income for instrumental groups with 12 or more performers, explaining what it is and how your group can benefit from it.


You can find out more about OTR, including whether you are eligible and how to claim, in our resources:

Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR), part 1: Is it for you?

This introduction is the first of three documents on Orchestra Tax Relief (OTR). It gives you an overview of what it is and how it works, and an overall idea if this is something your group would like to look into.

To help you decide we also have two additional documents –