Press Release template

A good press release should be able to condense all the important information into one page of A4 in size 11 font. We've put together this template to help you get started alongside our top tips guidance.

Press Release template

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Children and adults sing carols side by side

This month, children and adults will be singing side by side at carol concerts across the UK.

How to promote your concert in the local media

Audience development is all about going beyond your dedicated fan base of friends and family members, and publicising your concerts to the wider public. One of the best ways to do this is through media relations, as of course your local newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations all have readily available networks of readers and viewers. The question is, how do you turn next month’s concert into this week’s news?

Barbara Eifler appointed Making Music Executive Director

Followng the recent departure of Robin Osterley, Making Music has named Barbara Eifler as its Executive Director.