Template contract for working with a Music Director

This model contract has been developed to provide a starting point for negotiations when engaging a Music Director.

Recommended rates for engaging professional musicians

This agreement, reached between the Musicians' Union and Making Music in 2017, and updated in December 2018, provides guideline minimum rates for groups when engaging freelance professional musicians. We hope that this will provide a simple and effective aid to ensure that members are able to budget for, and professionals able to receive, a fair rate of payment.

We are very pleased to have reached this agreement with the Musicians' Union, which is revolutionary in two ways:

What fees do groups pay for professional musicians? Full survey results.

Making Music is frequently asked by members how much others pay the various kinds of professional musicians they engage. The results of this survey provide some useful indications.

New resource: model contract for working with professional musicians

We are pleased to announce that Making Music members now have access to the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM) model contract for use when engaging with professional musicians. The contract will help put you on sure footing when engaging with professional musicians and give both you and the musician confidence in the arrangement.