New resource: model contract for working with professional musicians

This new resource for members will help you when working with professional musicians

If you are working with an ISM member it is likely they will have seen the contract before. ISM members also have a Code of Conduct that sets out the standards of professional conduct and personal integrity they are expected to maintain.

Obviously you will not always be working with ISM members - if this is the case you are still more than welcome to use the contract. The contract can be used exactly as it is, be amended as you see fit, or be used as a basis for drawing up your own contract.

You can access the contract in our Resources library. We hope you will fine this a valuable and useful resource and it you have any feedback or questions please contact us at or on 020 7422 8280.

Please note: whether you use the contract exactly as it is or make changes neither ISM nor Making Music accept any liability for the use of the contract. The contract does not constitute legal advice from ISM or Making Music and as always with a contract, if either party is unsure about any aspect of the contract, it is sensible to seek independent legal advice.