Template agreement for hiring out a musical instrument

This is a template agreement for the hire of a musical Instrument for use by Making Music members. It is designed to be a starting point for your agreement and can be adapted to suit your group’s circumstances. As with any agreement, it may be appropriate for the parties to the agreement to negotiate amendments and modifications to suit their own particular circumstances. If the parties are in any doubt about the suitability of the agreement for their particular circumstances, they should seek their own legal advice.

Health and safety policy template

This is a template Health and Safety Policy for use by Making Music members. It is based on the template provided by the Health and Safety Executive and is designed to be a starting point for your policy:

OTR 3.2 - Template: Accrual accounting spreadsheet (including guidance notes)

This resource is part of our OTR Part 3 guidance: Keeping records, producing accounts and making a claim.

It includes two downloadable documents:

  • OTR 3.2 Template: Accrual accounts (Excel spreadsheet)
  • OTR 3.2(a) Guidance: Notes on using the accrual accounts template (PDF)

Please note:

ISM model contract for working with professional musicians

With many thanks to ISM, the Incorporated Society of Musicians, for giving Making Music members access to and permission to use their model performance contract.

Risk assessment form template

This handy template for completing a risk assessment will help keep things simple for your group's risk management.