OTR 3.2 - Template: Accrual accounting spreadsheet (including guidance notes)

This resource is part of our OTR Part 3 guidance: Keeping records, producing accounts and making a claim.

It includes two downloadable documents:

  • OTR 3.2 Template: Accrual accounts (Excel spreadsheet)
  • OTR 3.2(a) Guidance: Notes on using the accrual accounts template (PDF)

Please note:

  • If you are unfamiliar with OTR we suggest you read our guidance: OTR part 1 – Is it for you? before using this template 
  • If you are unfamiliar with the principles of accrual accounting we suggest you read OTR 3.1 Guidance: Accrual Basis of accounting before using the template and notes. 
  • We recommend the template is used by people who have a good level of Excel (or equivalent) knowledge.
  • The spreadsheet contains formulas (column G and row 53). You can make changes and adapt the spreadsheet to suit your needs (e.g. insert rows, change values) but we do not recommend you change any formulas. 

Download the Template spread sheet (Excel) 

Download the guidance notes (PDF)

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