Risk assessment for COVID secure rehearsals

As lockdown eases across the UK music groups can start to think about getting back to meeting and rehearsing in person. Guidance varies in each nation, but for all, doing a risk assessment of your activities and putting measures in place to reduce risk is vital.  

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Membership badges

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GDPR: Template privacy notice and statements

On this page you will find various template documents to help you prepare for GDPR together with links to notes and guidance to help you use them.

Data protection and retention policy

This policy is an internal document that sets out your organisation's approach to using data. It is a set of rules and principles for the people running your group, or working with it, about how to treat data.  

Data Protection and Retention Policy template

This is a template Data Protection and Data Retention Policy for use by Making Music members. It has been designed in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and can be used as it is - with just your specific details (e.g. group name) added in, or taken as a starting point with changes made to suit your specific activities and circumstance.

Template agreement for hiring out a musical instrument

This is a template agreement for the hire of a musical Instrument for use by Making Music members. It is designed to be a starting point for your agreement and can be adapted to suit your group’s circumstances. As with any agreement, it may be appropriate for the parties to the agreement to negotiate amendments and modifications to suit their own particular circumstances. If the parties are in any doubt about the suitability of the agreement for their particular circumstances, they should seek their own legal advice.

Unincorporated association governing document templates

We have developed two new template governing documents for music groups. They are both for non-charitable unincorporated associations:

  • Non-charitable unincorporated association - with a wider membership
  • Non-charitable unincorporated association - without a wider membership

Each document is available below as a PDF with notes and guidance on how to use it, and as a Word doc without notes to make it easy for you to use and insert your group’s details.

Before you use the document we suggest you read:

Template contract for working with a Music Director

This model contract has been developed to provide a starting point for negotiations when engaging a Music Director.

Health and safety policy template

This is a template Health and Safety Policy for use by Making Music members. It is based on the template provided by the Health and Safety Executive and is designed to be a starting point for your policy:

Equal Opportunities policy template

An equal opportunities policy plays an important role in the character and culture of your group. It shows your members, potential members and the world in general that you are an open, inclusive and welcoming group.

Safeguarding Policy template

We have developed a template Safeguarding policy for use by our member groups, consisting of the policy itself and some guidance notes to help you adapt it appropriately.

It is designed to be a starting point for you policy and can be adapted to suit your group’s circumstances. As well as the accompanying notes, we recommend you read our general Safeguarding guidance