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Adopt a Music Creator blog: A welcome in-person return

Foss Foster of Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra shares her group's delight on returning to in-person activity for Adopt a Music

Adopt a Music Creator blog: A month of ups and downs, but mostly ups

Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra's Foss Foster ponders the pros and cons of life on Zoom, and how the platform has framed her gr

Adopt a Music Creator blog: Rhymes and recollections

Aberdeenshire Saxophone Orchestra chair Foss Foster outlines Ben Lunn's research on the life of William Thom, the 'Inverury Poet'

Adopt a Music Creator blog: Somari to Robert Burns

Ugie Voices member Sheila Biegala updates us on her group's music making with Ben Lunn, who has recently dovetailed Venezuelan po