Mediating COVID-19 issues

Making Music Corporate Member Hugh Elder Mediation is offering Making Music member groups five hours of free mediation to help resolve COVID-19 related issues, such as venue hire and professional musician engagement.

What is mediation? 

Livestreaming Subsidy - any artist

To help Making Music’s promoter groups provide concerts during these unprecedented times, we are offering a subsidy for engaging any artist for a livestreamed performance.

How to use Audacity to mix a virtual performance

It's one of the most well-known pieces of audio editing software, but how exactly do you use Audacity? In this easy-to-follow video guide you'll see the main features in action as we walk through the full process of editing, mixing and exporting a virtual performance using the free software.

Covid-19: Can my group get back to in-person activities?

The Department for Digital, Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) released Covid-19 guidelines (10 July) for how professional music groups can get back to rehearsing and performing again in England, but this does not apply to non-professional groups. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales have not yet released guidance specific to music groups.

This means the guidance is a different for what you can and can’t do, depending on what type of group you are and where you are in the UK.

Audio mixing for virtual performances

A guide for mixing separate audio recordings into a final audio performance

1. Choose your software

You will need to use audio editing software that allows for 'multi-track' editing. This kind of software is known as a 'Digital Audio Workstation' (DAW) and will allow you to:

Planning a virtual performance

A guide for groups preparing to produce a remotely recorded performance.

1. Audio first

If this is the first time your group has attempted to create a remotely recorded virtual performance, we recommend breaking the project into the following parts:

Online safeguarding

As music groups rise to the digital challenge and find innovative ways to keep the musical and social aspect of their groups alive, it’s important they remember the responsibilities they have to their members too. 

Recording video at home

A step-by-step guide to help you video a performance using everyday equipment

1. Consider what to capture

You could be videoing complete with audio or perhaps you want to focus on just the visuals of a performance to contribute to a larger project. Consider the following for your own project:

Video with audio

Recording audio at home

This step-by-step guide will help you achieve great results with everyday equipment to record your voice or instrument

1. Choose your location

This will have a huge impact on your recording's quality and it's worth considering...

Digital storage

During this lockdown period, your group may have started to produce more digital content for online rehearsals and other projects that you will need to store and share online with your members. So where can you put all this new content safely?