Online member meetup (Wales)

If you’re running a leisure-time music group, you’re probably doing a balancing act of staying on top of issues like changing regulations and PRS licensing, not to mention ongoing Covid challenges.

Miranda Glen, our new manager in Wales, will be leading this session. Come along to catch up on what’s affecting music groups in Wales, get in touch with each other, share learning and ideas and support one other.

In this meetup we'll:


United Kingdom

Case study: Putting on a COVID-secure performance - Churchill Music

We hear from groups about how they have managed to put on risk-assessed, COVID-secure performances for their audiences.

What can our corporate members do for you? (online event)

Making Music has over 20 corporate members with a wide range of discounts, products and services that are exclusive to our members. You can find out about what's available on our website - but are you getting the most out of the support and solutions they offer to help your music making?


United Kingdom

Covid-19: Can my group get back to in-person activities?

Official Covid guidance is changing in all four nations of the UK as covid restrictions are being removed. 

Whether you're a choir, band, orchestra or other kind of music group the tool below will help understand what’s changing and what you need to do to keep making and presenting music safely.

The situation might still change over time, so please always check the latest official guidance before making and implementing any plans.

First published 13 July 2020

Latest update:

Living with Covid - performances

The UK has moved to a new phase of its Covid response. All four nations of the UK have removed all, or most, legal requirements for measures to stop the spread of Covid. 

See our Covid tool for up-to-date information for each nation.

Living with Covid - rehearsals

The UK has moved to a new phase of its Covid response. All four nations of the UK either have removed all, or most, legal requirements for measures to stop the spread of Covid. 

See our Covid tool for up-to-date information for each nation.

Webinar recording: Ventilation - how can it help manage the risk of Covid transmission?

In this recording of our guest speaker webinar (original event 19 November 2021), a panel of guest speakers look at ventilation and its role in mitigating the risk of Covid-19 transmission via aerosols in enclosed spaces.

We welcome:

test-meter: CO2 monitor discount

Since lockdown has eased, identifying poorly ventilated areas in your rehearsal or performance space has become a key part of assessing Covid risk. Monitoring carbon dioxide levels is a vital part of this. Our Corporate Supporter, test-meter, are experts in the field and are offering our members advice and a discount on a carbon dioxide monitor to help. 

Case studies: Group activity during Covid

The pandemic has thrown all kinds of challenges in the way of group music making. However, our member groups have found ways to rehearse or safely put on performances whether entirely online, in person, or a combination of both - all while managing to mitigate the risks of Covid infection. Read about how they have done this in their own words.

Case study: Collaborating with other groups to put on a virtual concert

Jennifer Bonsell from Aberdeen Chamber Music Concerts explains how her group collaborated with other local concert societies to share the work of putting on a virtual concert for their members.