Funding and fundraising

Gift Aid Declaration template

Charities simply need to make a 'declaration' of who the donor is, how much they are giving you, and that they want tax to be reclaimed. Declarations can be in writing, or given verbally or electronically, and charities may devise their own forms.

Fundraising case study: Harmony Sinfonia school workshops

Crowdfunding involves using online platforms to gather small donations from a large audience to fund particular events, initiatives or projects.

Making friends and influencing people

There are few music groups today who have the privilege of being fully self-financing and who therefore have little need to make friends and influence people. The aim of this guidance is to encourage groups to think about how they can influence decision makers in their local area – the sort of activities which could make a difference to a group with a particular problem to solve (lack of cheap rehearsal space, no local business support etc.) and would also be a big help to Making Music in building a database of councillors and MPs who are committed enough to amateur music to take an interest in their local groups.

Applying for trust funds

Applying for trust funds can take time and effort, but the prize – financial support for your group's activities – is worth it. Make sure you follow our guidance to ensure that you create the most compelling applications with the best chance of success.

Liaising with local government

This guidance is intended to provide you with some ideas on how you can work productively with your local authority and how you can attempt to lobby officers and elected members so that your group can benefit from the resources and expertise available within a local authority.

Raising funds locally

Competition for funds is stiff, but there is no reason why you shouldn't be successful if you put together a good case. This briefing sheet can help you understand the basis of successful fundraising, help you see giving from the donor's point of view and suggest action you can take to get the money you need.

Top ten tips for approaching the media

The following ten tips will help you build your list of journalist contacts and get your group’s new commission, forthcoming concert or other project into the media.

Tools and tips for attracting funding

This guidance is designed to help you plan a project and successfully bid for funding. The ten top tips offer some rules of thumb for putting together a funding application for trusts and foundations. The project planning template will help lead you through the planning stage, enabling you to bridge the gap between inspiration and delivery.

Project planning template

This template is designed to help you plan a project and successfully bid for funding, leading you through the planning stage step by step, enabling you to bridge the gap between inspiration and delivery.