Our team

Whatever your conundrum, we're here to help you deal with the difficult bits so that you can get on with making music! Find out who's who below, or get in touch with the office, Monday to Friday, 10am 5pm.


Photos of Barbara, Benoît, Naz, Helen and Ben taken by Viola Halfar
Photos of Seamus, Jonathan, and Marek taken by Fatima Yasmin

Barbara Eifler
Barbara Eifler – Co-Chief Executive
Barbara and Seamus jointly oversee Making Music's strategy, direction and all its activities, and act as ambassadors for Making Music to local and national government, music, voluntary and education sectors. Barbara also plays cornet in a member group!
Ben Saffell
Seamus McGibbon –  Co-Chief Executive
Seamus and Barbara jointly oversee Making Music's strategy, direction and all its activities. Seamus has 20+ years experience in membership and creative organisations. He is a keen walker and enjoys live music, theatre and film. 
Marek Litwin
Ben Saffell – Membership and Operations Director
Ben oversees Making Music's online services and is always looking for ways to improve existing services and develop new ones to meet members' needs.
Lily Funnell
Lily Funnell – Membership & Services Manager
Lily joined Making Music in 2017 and became Membership & Services Manager in 2020. She is an aspiring author who enjoys dancing, reading, playing piano and watching live music and theatre shows.
Harriet Laidler
Harriet Laidler – Projects & Events Manager
Harriet co-ordinates our events and projects, including Adopt a Music Creator, PDGYA and the Making Music Awards . She is a keen violinist and is in one of our member groups.
Catherine Smith
Catherine Smith – Membership & Services Administrator
Catherine joined Making Music in 2023 as a part of the Membership team. Her background is in theatre and she has a love of all things arts and crafts. Her spare time is spent making jewellery and drawing people’s dogs.
Joshua Tyler
Joshua Tyler – Membership & Services Administrator
Josh joined the Membership team in 2023. He has a background as a guitarist and bass player and has toured around the world. He also enjoys hiking, reading and football.
Benoît André
Benoît André – Platform Support Officer
Benoît joined the Membership Team in 2022 and is responsible for looking after the Making Music Platform. Outside of the office he is a composer and sound designer, and loves a spot of football.
Elizabeth Palmer
Elizabeth Palmer – Inclusion Focus Programme Manager
Elizabeth joined Making Music in 2023 as the Inclusion Focus Programme Manager. Outside of work, she enjoys playing the flute, singing, and knitting jumpers for friends and family.
Ailson Reeves
Alison Reeves – Deputy CEO and Manager, Scotland
In her Deputy CEO role, Alison leads on access and inclusion and supports lobbying and advocacy. She has been our Manager in Scotland (from Edinburgh) since 2016, and also delivers UK online events. She plays the fiddle, mostly for ceilidh dancing.
Miranda Glen
Miranda Glen – Manager, Wales
Miranda has lots of experience working in the charity sector in Canada and the UK, across a broad range of topics. Her interests include theatre, canoeing, camping, playing piano and bass guitar, and being the musical director of a choir.
Stephen McNally
Stephen McNally – Manager, Northern Ireland
Based in the Mid Ulster area, Stephen joined us in October 2019 and works with our member groups and partner organisations across Northern Ireland.
Alyssia Frankland
Alyssia Frankland – Marketing & Sales Manager
Alyssia joined the team in November 2020, with marketing and production experience in video and film, education and virtual world technology. 
Nazia Tamanna
Nazia Tamanna – Communications Manager
Joining in 2022, Naz is responsible for overseeing comms, including the iNotes newsletter and designing the Highnotes magazine. She has a keen interest in making digital communication more accessible. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and gardening.
Jonathan Dockney
Jonathan Dockney – Communications & Platform Assistant
Jonathan joined the team in 2024. He loves creating engaging social media content and finding new ways to create intriguing copy. In his spare time he writes music, plays the piano at pubs and open mics, and draws.
Corina Tilea
Corina Tilea – Content Manager
Corina joined Making Music in November 2021 and manages the website content, as well as editing the Highnotes magazine. She is a classically-trained pianist and a lover of the arts.
Helen Evans
Helen Evans – Finance Director
Helen joined Making Music’s senior management team in 2020 to oversee the financial aspects of the charity. She is treasurer of a member group and enjoys playing jazz double bass.
Marek Litwin
Marek Litwin – Finance Manager
Marek is responsible for the organisation's transactional finance, handling the processing and filing of Orchestra Tax Relief. In his spare time, he actively engages in nature conservation efforts by supporting various habitat restoration programmes.