Our team

Whatever your conundrum, we're here to help you deal with the difficult bits so that you can get on with making music! Find out who's who below, or get in touch with the office, Mon-Fri, 10-5.

Barbara Eifler
Barbara Eifler - Chief Executive
Barbara is responsible for Making Music's overall direction and acts as an ambassador for Making Music, meeting with key personnel from local and national government, music, voluntary and education sectors.
Ben Saffell
Ben Saffell - Director for Membership & Operations
Ben oversees the online services and is always looking for ways to improve existing services and develop new ones to meet members' needs.
Joe Hooper
Joe Hooper - Membership Coordinator
Joe joined Making Music in 2017 and works on the Membership Services Team. Since starting, his interactions with groups have inspired him to start learning the piano!
Lily Funnell
Lily Funnell - Office & Membership Assistant
Lily joined Making Music in 2017 and works in the membership team at the same time as keeping our London office going.
Sally Palmer
Sally Palmer - Membership Services & Projects Manager
Sally coordinates our projects (including Adopt a Composer) and works as part of the membership team.
Ollie Mustill
Ollie Mustill - Marketing & Communications Manager
Ollie manages the Making Music communications, including email, social media and publications. He also looks at how new tools and resources can benefit Making Music members and the wider voluntary music sector.
Natalie Joanes
Natalie Joanes - Publications, Social Media & Comms Editor
Natalie helped Making Music connect with members via social media as a volunteer before joining the team in 2017. She edits and produces key publications, including Highnotes magazine and the Selected Artists guide.
Sharon Moloney
Sharon Moloney - Member Engagement Manager
Sharon brings to her role a wealth of experience from within amateur music groups and works to ensure that our engagement with members provides what they need, when and how they want it.
Abby Charles
Abby Charles - Manager - Wales
Abby joined Making Music in June 2014 after previously volunteering as a Member Development Officer. She manages our activity in Wales as well as working with Sharon to improve member engagement.
Alison Reeves
Alison Reeves - Manager - Scotland
Alison manages our activity in Scotland as well as working with Sharon to improve member engagement.
Xenia Davis
Xenia Davis - Youth Engagement Manager
Xenia joined us in 2015 following a legacy donation from Pauline Thompson OBE. She is driving our research into increasing youth engagement in music making.
Workineh Asres
Workineh Asres - Finance, IT & Facilities Director
Workineh joined Making Music in 2008. He is a qualified accountant and looks after all financial matters for Making Music.