Annual report, accounts and 5 year plan

We’re proud of the hard work we do to support and champion our members and leisure-time music making in the UK. Below you can find our annual report and our accounts for 2020 to find out what we have been focusing on and the progress we have made.


5 Year Plan

Making Music 2020 accounts


Our values

We listen to and care about members: Members are at the heart of what Making Music does. We want to understand what matters to them, and we will always go the extra mile to help them.

We keep promises: When we say we will do something, we will do it. If something stops us doing it, we will say so and think about what we could do instead.

We are collaborative and inclusive: We achieve more by working with others, complementing, not competing, and by making sure everyone can take part fully in our organisation.

We enjoy creative problem-solving: We have a can-do attitude. We learn from what has gone before, but are not afraid to try new things and love thinking laterally.

We empower: We give our staff real responsibility and opportunities to contribute and develop. In return we expect them to embrace personal responsibility.