Charity Annual Return

Registered charities in England and Wales with a turnover of over £10,000 and all charitable incorporated organisations (CIOs) ha

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Composer Emily Crossland appointed as new Adopt a Composer mentor

We're delighted to announce that composer Emily Crossland, herself an Adopt a Composer alumna, will be joining our three current

Birmingham International Airport Community Trust


The Trust makes grants of up to £3,000 to community projects in areas affected by its operations. The purpose is to improving quality of life including through social and leisure activities.

The Fund will support projects in several areas including “Bringing the Community closer together through facilities for sport, recreation and other leisure time activities.”

The Trust’s Area of Benefit is defined as those areas most affected by the Airport’s operations lying within the boundaries of the post codes (see website for list of postcodes).

Learn, develop and perform at the UK Choir Festival

The UK Choir Festival will be coming to Exmouth, Monmouth (Wales) and St Albans this autumn and will feature workshops and collab