Laura Snowden meets the Chandos Chamber Choir

Jess Griffin, of the Chandos Chamber Choir, relays the group's first impressions after meeting Laura Snowden on our Adopt a Compo

James Banner on Adopt a Composer

Composer James Banner offers in depth reflections on collaboration as he meets with Two Rivers Concert Band for the Adopt a Compo

Philip Bates Trust

Grant for individuals, voluntary and community organisations undertaking projects that encourage and develop artistic interests in young people in the UK, with particular interest in activities taking place in the West Midlands.

The Philip Bates Trust offers grants to advance the education of young people under the age of 25 in the arts by:

Joyce Fletcher Charitable Trust Grant

The Joyce Fletcher Charitable Trust Grant is available to charitable institutions and organisations involved in music in a social or therapeutic context.
In particular, the scheme wishes to support projects in the UK, and particularly the South West of England, with the following themes:

  • Music in a social or therapeutic context.
  • Music and special needs.
  • Children and young people’s welfare, preferably for arts activities.

Max value £2,000
Min value £1,000

Depriving children of access to music education is affecting us all - take action now

Your signature could protect music and create a healthy society, thriving communities and happy individuals for the future.

Stoneleigh Youth Orchestra get to grips with new music

Players of the Stoneleigh Youth Training and Main Orchestras reflect on getting to know Ben See's music for Adopt a Composer as t

Robert Laidlow on composing for Adopt a Composer

In the first of four blog posts, composer Robert Laidlow discusses the rapid development of musical thoughts and directions for t

Guest blog: Summer choir tour to Prague is a hit

Corporate member Club Europe tells us why touring with your group is worthwhile.