Small grant programme - older people

Application Deadline: 
March, June, September, December each year
Distributing Body: 
Charles Hayward Foundation
Beneficiary type: 


Funding for charities with an income of less than £350,000.

Generally, when funding projects, we value projects that develop, expand and replicate a tried and tested approach but we are also interested in supporting creative solutions to problems which seem to be entrenched and elude resolution.

We value projects that are preventative and provide early intervention. We favour projects that respond to a well researched and clear need, provide intervention based on evidence of what works, are able to demonstrate value for money and have a clear understanding of short-term effects and long-term impact of the intervention they propose.


In this category we wish to fund preventative and early intervention programmes being delivered at the community level which allow older people to stay in their own homes and remain independent.  We are particularly interested in seeking out programmes which show some creativity in improving the quality of life of older people.

  • Programmes aiming to alleviate isolation and depression in older people, including informal day care or social, physical and recreational activities.
  • Programmes which give practical help, assistance and support for older people living in their own homes.
  • Programmes addressing the emotional and practical needs of older carers.
  • Programmes designed to meet the specific needs of people with dementia.


  • Disability access
  • Older people’s projects that are restricted to one section of society
  • Purchase of minibuses
  • Community transport
  • Community development organisations
  • Buildings/equipment
  • Meal delivery service