Hull - Grants to Arts

The Grants to Arts programme is provided and administered by the City Arts Unit of Kingston upon Hull City Council. Funding is intended to promote the development of a range of artistic activities within the city of Hull, with the aim of promoting quality and increasing the range of opportunities available to local communities.

Applications can be made by anyone that is organising or running an activity or scheme which takes place within city boundary and who can demonstrate a clear need for grant aid.

Should be made 6 weeks prior to planned activity.

Four Lanes Trust

The Four Lanes Trust offers grants to community groups and organisations in Basingstoke and surrounding areas.
Funding is intended to support local community projects in the following areas:
• The Arts.
• Education.
• Social and Community Action.

Grants of between £500 and £1,000 are normally awarded; however, larger grants are considered from time to time.

Epping Forest - Grants for Sports, Arts, Leisure and Community Groups

The Grants for Sports, Arts, Leisure and Community Groups scheme is provided and administered by Epping Forest District Council. Under this programme, the Council offers the Major Grants and Three-year Revenue Grants.

Funding is intended to assist local voluntary and community groups and organisations that are providing services in line with the Council's objectives and targets.

The priority areas are as follows:

Eden - Leisure Fund Grant for Organisations

The Leisure Fund Grant scheme is provided and administered by Eden District Council. Funding is intended for local not-for-profit clubs, groups and organisations and can be used for a wide variety of leisure projects.

Small grants are available to local community groups for capital and revenue costs associated with projects that support and improve sports, arts and other leisure activities in the district.

Cumberland Building Society Charitable Foundation

The Cumberland Building Society Charitable Foundation, a registered charity, was set up by Cumberland Building Society in November 1998. The Foundation offers grants to registered charities, charitable voluntary organisations, social enterprises, and self-help groups for projects that directly benefit local communities in Cumbria, Dumfriesshire, Lancaster, Preston and Haltwhistle.

Grants of between £250 to £750 are awarded. A grant of £1,000 may be awarded in exceptional circumstances.