Corporate member blog: Composers Edition

Dan Goren, founding director of Composers Edition, talks about their fresh approach to contemporary music, publishing and leisure-time music making.

When we first launched our unique publishing service in 2013, it was to provide today’s hard-working composers with the means to reach a wide range of musicians and programmers, in a way that put them more in charge of their music. We did so knowing the amazing array of music composed today and that far more people could be enjoying performing and listening to contemporary repertoire than have traditionally done so.

Rather than ivory-towered gatekeeping, we think publishing should be about welcoming people to new music and helping musicians and composers come together to make truly memorable experiences for audiences, performers and everyone involved with music that speaks from - and to - today.

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We know that programming and commissioning new music comes with its own set of questions and challenges: How do you find suitable new music? Will the music be difficult to learn? What’s it like to work with a composer? If commissioning, how do you ensure you get the kind of piece you and your audiences will really enjoy? How much will it cost?

That’s why we’ve created a unique programming and publishing service and a guaranteed successful outcome every time, regardless of your experience with new music. And so, we’re reaching out to you to help forge fruitful connections with our Composers Edition member composers:

  • Great repertoire ideas - get in touch, tell us about you and we’ll find you the most suitable musical works
  • Affordable parts – never let budgets get in the way of wonderful musical experiences
  • Publicity - let us help you celebrate your event every time you programme our composers’ works, with celebratory scores and parts to mark every commission
  • Commissioning service - our unique match-making service will help you find the perfect composer
  • Making Music member discount - members get a 10% discount on all purchases, hire and commissioning. In special celebration of joining the Making Music family, the first five Making Music members to contact us and go on to programme or commission will get a 20% discount! Find out how to claim your member discount

To find out what we can do for your choir, visit our Composers Edition for Choirs page.

To find out what we can do for your orchestra, band or group, visit our Composers Edition for Ensembles page.

To start your programming or commissioning journey today, e-mail our manager Isa Gibbs.