Discover Welsh Music through this new website

Discover Welsh Music is a new website, allowing the user to explore a digital archive of Welsh composers and purchase copies of their music

Discover Welsh Music is a new online resource developed by Ty Cerdd - Music Centre Wales whose mission is to support, develop and promote the creation, performance and empowering experience of music, both in and of Wales.

Through a partnership with the National Library of Wales and Faber Music, is able to offer biographical information about Welsh composers and a digital archive of some of their original scores. These are handwritten in the case of the first five composers to have been added, and beautiful as well as interesting to look at.

At the same time, this digital hub allows users to click through directly to purchase some of the featured scores and other music by these composers, as well as further scores, choral pieces and part-songs by Welsh composers, as sold or hired by Ty Cerdd and/or Faber Music.

An excellent new resource for both amateur and professional musicians and groups, will surely quickly establish itself as the go-to website for all things Welsh music.