Two postcards from Swansea

Ruth Ridge, Swansea Philharmonic Choir secretary offers some initial thoughts on the group's new piece, Postcard from Swansea, written with Nathan James Dearden for the Adopt a Composer project.

Swansea Philharmonic Choir’s recent concert showcased Haydn’s Creation and we were all agreed it was a most stimulating and memorable occasion. The choir thoroughly enjoyed performing this masterpiece. Together with a superb orchestra and soloists, it could not fail to receive critical praise. The concert also gave the choir the opportunity to perform the first Postcard from Swansea – part of the piece created for the choir in collaboration with composer, Nathan James Dearden as part of the Adopt a Composer project.

Titled 'Home', Nathan composed with us an a capella piece that reflected Swansea’s Welsh chapel heritage, with hints of Dylan Thomas and a feeling of hiraeth – all based on the text, 'LovelyUgly' by Swansea poet, Rebecca Lowe (find out more). Nathan enthusiastically attended several rehearsals and also the performance itself in Swansea’s Brangwyn Hall. Audience comments included: ‘mystical’, ‘very magical’, ‘a piece with depth’. 

Last night the choir received and rehearsed the second Postcard from Swansea titled, 'O’r Galon' with text by choir soprano Catrin Alun, adapted from the Welsh stalwart Calon Lân.

Subtly different from the first Postcard from Swansea, it seems as if this will be another choral classic for our choir!

We all look forward to its première at our next concert on 1 June, which will be performed to raise money for a Swansea-based children’s cancer charity. Book tickets.


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