adopt a composer

Laura Snowden meets the Chandos Chamber Choir

Jess Griffin, of the Chandos Chamber Choir, relays the group's first impressions after meeting Laura Snowden on our Adopt a Compo

James Banner on Adopt a Composer

Composer James Banner offers in depth reflections on collaboration as he meets with Two Rivers Concert Band for the Adopt a Compo

Stoneleigh Youth Orchestra get to grips with new music

Players of the Stoneleigh Youth Training and Main Orchestras reflect on getting to know Ben See's music for Adopt a Composer as t

Robert Laidlow on composing for Adopt a Composer

In the first of four blog posts, composer Robert Laidlow discusses the rapid development of musical thoughts and directions for t

Marketing a mandolin orchestra

Who'd have thought Adopt a Composer projects would end up marketed on Brighton buses?

Da Capo al Fine!

First impressions of Adopt a Composer from Da Capo Alba.

British Composer Award nominations 2018

We're thrilled to announce that two composers from our Adopt a Composer project have been nominated for the 2018 British Composer

Edmund Hunt: 'Vita Hominum'

Edmund Hunt on final amendments and writing spacial awareness into a score.

Finding a perfect match

Ex Urbe choirs give us a delightful insight on being paired with composer Chloe Knibbs.