adopt a composer

Reaching for the stars

Work has been continuing at a hectic pace for my piece for the Bellfolk Handbell Ringers!

Blind dating an orchestra

It’s our second ‘date’ today. This time we are meeting in a Mexican restaurant.

Finding the words

Three months into composer Edmund Hunt's Adopt a Composer collaboration with The Singers, he finds inspiration for the compositio

The view from the back

Last rehearsal we were finally given the chance to see an early draft of the exciting, original composition Gaynor Barradell has been working on es

Nature meets technology in Adopt a Composer composition

Anna Appleby's new composition with the Merchant Sinfonia evokes images of wind, machinery, hillsides and a train journey.

A perfect match

What a fantastic opportunity this is!

You're not alone

Matching seven leisure-time music groups with emerging early-career composers for a collaboration could result in all sorts of co

Don't miss the Adopt a Composer broadcasts on BBC Radio 3 this week

We're delighted to announce that the 2016/17 Adopt a Composer premières will be broadcast each night this week on BBC Radio 3. 

Ringing in the New Year

The moment of truth arrives as composer Peter Yarde Martin tests out his new composition with the Bellfolk Handbell Ringers for t

A new musical family

I’ve been ‘adopted’!