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Thrown in at the deep end!

When I found out that I had been paired with the Glasgow School of Art Choir I was really excited by the many prospects and possibilities that the

'Barricades' – Remembering Cable Street

During the Autumn of 1936, Oswald Moseley led the British Union of Fascists on a march through the streets of East London, in wha

Rehearsing The Hoard

It always surprises me how quickly a piece can become external to its composer.  What had before been an ongoing process, an open

Meet the Adopt a Composer pairings

Each year our Adopt a Composer scheme sets amateur choirs, orchestras and ensembles up with composers for a year to produce a new

Programme notes for Janya

It’s been great to get to know the orchestra personally, and have time to try out several drafts and sections of the piece before finalising them;

Reflections on Journeys

Adopt a Composer 2015, Alison Willis

Working on the piece

My Ukulele playing hasn't developed much since last time but I have learnt enough to help refine my piece and even join the band, even if only on a few chords, when the band is playing songs.

Discovering the Ukulele – back to basics.

This blog post has been a long time coming as it was put on pause while I have been finishing my PhD.

A baby elephant finds its feet

Last week I met with the orchestra again! My mentor David Horne was able to come to this rehearsal, which was very useful.

'I need to leave space for the sounds to be bouncing around...'

When I’m there working with the group, there’s a particular dynamic and working relationship which from the start has been very positive and enabling – but of course there’s lots going on that I don’t see, so it’s intriguing to read about how they see that relationship themselves, and how they’re experiencing the project.