Four key benefits of digital sheet music

Corporate member Newzik is a digital sheet music app available on iOS products. The app allows musicians to conveniently store all their sheet music in one place, organise their parts, annotate and collaborate in real-time with others. 

Have you ever tried using digital sheet music instead of the traditional paper scores? The benefits are quite impressive for any musician, and many are already making the switch.

1. Never carry tonnes of paper anymore 

Like all musicians, you might have experienced the pain of carrying heavy binders everywhere with you. With digital sheet music, you just carry your iPad. Way more convenient! 

2. Easier to organise using a digital library like Newzik 

Organisation can be a real challenge when using paper sheet music. For instance, you can easily lose one of your scores. Using a digital sheet music library like Newzik would be a massive help in your daily life as a musician. With Newzik, you can classify all of your scores and easily find them using the search feature. 

3. Access your scores anywhere thanks to the Newzik Cloud 

Did you forget your paper sheet music at home? If you store your digital sheet music in an app like Newzik, you can access your scores anywhere. They’re stored in the Cloud, meaning that you can connect yourself to your Newzik account from any device.

4. Collaborate easily with other musicians  

With the Newzik app, you can collaborate in real-time with the rest of your ensemble. Receive their annotations or share yours instantly. As a result, you’re sure to always get the latest version of your score, with the right information. Time saving! 

Newzik is a sheet music app for your iPad or iPhone. Easily store your parts and organise them, collaborate with other musicians in real-time and transform your scores into smart scores using LiveScores - the Artificial Intelligence we built in-house to help you in your daily practice.  

To download the iOS application on your iPad or on your iPhone, visit the Newzik website