Making Music is still here for you

In light of the coronavirus pandemic in the UK, Making Music has been considering how best to support staff and members in these unsettling times.

Making Music will be remaining operational and will be here for members throughout the time that extraordinary measures are in place.

Our staff are working from home, but there will be no difference in the service to members, partners or other stakeholders – you can still email and ring us in the usual way, as we have put systems in place to make that possible. We only ask that you please try to avoid sending anything in the post to us, as we may not be able to receive it at the moment.

For Making Music events, we will be hosting some of those online and will be in touch to let everyone know more in due course; so we are encouraging everyone to continue to register for them, if they are of interest; our website pages will also be regularly updated.

For groups who have shut down in-person activity, we have published some top tips for keeping music-making going and staying connected. We welcome more contributions to this, as we continue to collate the best online platforms and virtual activity ideas to share with members and the wider public potentially stranded for some time in their homes.

Making Music members are almost entirely unfunded, so the financial implications of a widespread and potentially extended shutdown will be significant for many. There is therefore also lobbying to be done to make sure that all the fantastic leisure-time music activity throughout the UK is able to keep going and bounce back after these unfortunate events. To find out how best to target our efforts in this area, we created a survey and will be looking closely at the results to see how to support our members' needs, and the needs of leisure-time music.

Music is one of the things that helps us stay positive and brings joy to our lives, so we will continue to encourage and support everyone to make and enjoy music, wherever and however we can, and of course we are here to help, as always.

Call us on 020 7939 6030 or email