Mandolins and oranges

The latest stage in our Adopt a Composer project took the form of a workshop and social gathering. Lesley Watt from the second mandolin section describes her experience.

I thoroughly enjoyed our Sunday afternoon meeting in Hangleton. Everyone contributed food and drink and a party atmosphere. Maurice (first mandolins) introduced us to a session of eurythmy movement, with balls and oranges, which at times became ridiculously shambolic when Paul gained possession of a large number of oranges!

We were gently moulded into a more cohesive group ready for Esmeralda's film and music.

Lindsay led the orchestra through the basics of some of the movements, but personally, I didn't feel I'd begun to understand them until after our next rehearsal at St. George's, when I could begin to feel the melodies emerging. I hope that with a lot more work I will be ready for Esmeralda's Brighton premiere performance of "The Other Ocean" in November.

Thank you to Esmeralda, Lindsay, Nicki, Maurice and our F.F. Committee for organising and getting us involved with the Adopt a Composer scheme.