Take part in a virtual choir study

Dr Sudeshna Bhattacharya and Dr Wladislaw Rivkin from Aston Business School present a research opportunity to leisure-time choirs during the pandemic

Their study explores the mental health benefits of choral singing on healthy working adults. While some research supports the benefits of communal singing on individuals suffering from psychopathologies, little is known about the benefits that singing together can bring to this demographic.

This research has come into sharper focus during the pandemic, where most of us find ourselves spending more time at home in front of the computer, somewhat disengaged from the community. Within this context, the study looks at how involvement in virtual choirs can affect our mental wellbeing. For example, are there significant improvements in our overall mood and sleep quality on choir practice days?

The university is looking for volunteers to participate in a six-week online study. They will email questionnaires for participants to complete twice a day on two days of a given week. Upon completion of the study, all participants will be provided with a personal mental wellbeing assessment framed by a traffic light system.

To find out more, email s.bhattacharya1@aston.ac.uk or phone 0121 204 3727