Post date: Friday, 4 January 2019 - 12:16pm

Southampton Concert Wind Band (SCWB) were paired with Robert Laidlow on the Adopt a Composer project, and much has happened in just a few months.

Post date: Sunday, 30 December 2018 - 11:44am

Nicholas Olsen on the first few meetings with Da Capo Alba for the Adopt a Composer project.

The Adopt a Composer scheme is a one of a kind opportunity for composers to be paired with amateur ensembles from across the UK. I am excited to be one of this year’s composers, and I am delighted to be hitting the ground running with Da Capo Alba, a Guitar and Mandolin Orchestra based in East Kilbride. 

Post date: Saturday, 29 December 2018 - 11:05am

Two members of the Two Rivers Concert Band offer up their thoughts and reflections on working alongside James Banner as part of the Adopt a Composer project.

The impressions of Leah Hannay, Two Rivers Concert Band's youngest member, aged 16.

I really enjoyed trying something that was new, and also a little bit different from the kind of thing I've experienced before. 

Post date: Thursday, 20 December 2018 - 2:47pm

Surrey County Council (SCC) has now published the consultation on NewSPAL's proposals to take on the running of the Surrey Performing Arts Library (SPAL) from SCC, in the form of a survey.

Please fill in the survey and pass it on to anyone else who might be interested.

Post date: Wednesday, 19 December 2018 - 5:51pm

The Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra sum up a whirlwind performance alongside composer Esmeralda Conde Ruiz for the Adopt a Composer project.

Post date: Wednesday, 19 December 2018 - 5:32pm

Da Capo Alba guitar and mandolin orchestra met up with both their adopted composer, Nicholas Olsen and his mentor David Horne on 28 November for a workshop, or rather, a 'playshop', as it transpired.

Post date: Wednesday, 19 December 2018 - 12:25pm

Immerse yourself in a celebration of leisure-time music at the Barbican Music Library in London, running from 16 January to 23 March 2019.

From all corners of the UK, Making Music member groups have sent us their posters and recordings, and told us why they love making music in a group so much. 

Post date: Saturday, 8 December 2018 - 5:37pm

Composer Chloe Knibbs meets West Midlands chamber choir, Ex Urbe, as they begin a collaborative composition for our Adopt a Composer project.

Post date: Thursday, 6 December 2018 - 5:16pm

Jess Griffin, of the Chandos Chamber Choir, relays the group's first impressions after meeting Laura Snowden on our Adopt a Composer project.

The Chandos Chamber Choir were thrilled to be selected for the Adopt a Composer scheme this year.  A couple of choir members met Laura and mentor Jenni Pinnock for the first time at the Adopt a Composer launch in September. However, our rehearsal on 6 November was the first chance for Laura to meet the rest of the choir. 

Laura enchanted us by playing one of her guitar compositions.

Post date: Wednesday, 5 December 2018 - 3:33pm

Composer James Banner offers in depth reflections on collaboration as he meets with Two Rivers Concert Band for the Adopt a Composer project.

My previous experience doing music workshops has been with young people in schools or ensembles of young musicians. With these young people I have always found minds to be incredibly open to new ideas, receptive and responsive; the smallest (non-musical) stimuli can result in the most amazing interactions and results, opening my own mind and reminding me what it’s like to have an imagination.