Welcome to our new Premium Corporate Members ACS, hearing protection providers

Established in 1994 ACS is dedicated to safeguarding the hearing of musicians and music lovers. 

Innovators in this field, ACS launched their own hearing conservation campaign in 2014 called Play Safe Now-Hear Tomorrow, working very closely with the MIA, British Tinnitus Association and Help Musicians UK. This together with some of the top names in music education to raise awareness of the importance of taking early action to protect hearing in musical environments. 

ACS offers high quality hearing protection products, which attenuates (reduces) the damaging frequencies while still allowing you to hear and enjoy the music in high fidelity – ideal for a leisure-time musician.

Making Music has teamed up with ACS to offer individual musicians and member groups an exclusive discount on ACS products. There are various offers with up to 50% off some products that fall under these categories.

•    Custom products: attenuating ear plugs custom fitted, using impressions from your ears.
•    Universal fit products: high fidelity attenuating ear plugs but with a universal fit.

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Why should you care? 

The key factors that affect hearing are sound levels and exposure time, which bring the risk of hearing damage. A leisure-time musician attending regular rehearsals and performances can experience increased levels of sound and exposure time. Just as a singer protects their voice and sports people wear body protection, musicians should think about what they can do to protect their hearing. 

Visit our resources to find out more about the products and discounts available.

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