ACS is offering Making Music member discounts on their custom and universal hearing protection products

ACS specialise in hearing protection for musicians and music lovers. They offer a range or attenuating earplugs that reduce damaging frequencies but still allow you to hear the music – ideal for a leisure time musician. 

You can find out more about ACS on their Making Music Corporate Membership blog and on their website

Custom Fit Hearing Protection 

ACS custom range of attenuating ear plugs are made using impressions from your ears to make a perfect fit. This guarantees the seal in the ear canal, the protection level and frequency attenuation characteristics. It is a great option for an individual who is serious about sound and looking to protect their hearing long term. Find out more about ACS Custom earplugs.

Universal Fit Hearing Protection

ACS also provide high-fidelity attenuating earplugs but are a universal fit and not custom fitted to your ears. Usually £10, these are £8.50 for Making Music members. However, you can get up to a 50% discount depending on how many you buy.  We recommend the ACS Pacato16 for great protection for various loud musical activities.

This is a good option for a group committee, or multiple individuals within a group, looking to protect their members hearing during rehearsals and performance.  

Contact to find out more about discounts for bulk orders and or why not have your earplug packaging branded with your music group logo?  – just mention your Making Music membership within the email. 

You can find out more, together with information on the process of getting your ears impressions taken, and order online at using the following exclusive discount codes: 

Discounts for members

  • 20% discount for individuals in a Making Music member group who work in Education 
    • CODE: MM2224MEM20 (use when ordering online). 
  • 15% discount to any other individuals in a Making Music member group 
    • CODE: MM2224MEM15 (use when ordering online).

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