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Making Music Awards (online event)

We're delighted to invite you to our online awards ceremony on Thursday 22 September, which showcases the wealth of talent and innovative ideas among our members, and those who work with them. 

Our President, composer Debbie Wiseman OBE, will be announcing the award winners for:


United Kingdom

Webinar recording: Social prescribing – what is it and is it for your music group?

In this recording of our webinar (original event 20 May 2022), guest speakers discussed what social prescribing is and how it could be a huge opportunity for music groups. 

Social prescribing is a key feature of the NHS’ long-term plan, which aims to strengthen the link between the local community and social activities such as music, sport, and arts. In this webinar, we discussed who does the prescribing, what kind of people are referred and what it would mean for your group to become ‘social prescribing friendly’.

We welcomed:

Social prescribing resources for music groups

What is social prescribing and how can your music group benefit from it?

Social prescribing is part of the relatively new NHS personalised care programme and a way for GPs and local agencies to refer people to a link worker, who takes a holistic approach to people’s health and wellbeing. They then connect people to community groups and statutory services for practical and emotional support.

Legal advice helplines

If your group has an insurance package with Making Music Insurance Services, then you also have access to a range of advice lines to help you to run your group

What do we get for our membership?

There are three types: we influence on your behalf; we offer practical and artistic support; and we connect you to each other and to relevant contacts.

ACS is offering Making Music member discounts on their custom and universal hearing protection products

ACS specialise in hearing protection for musicians and music lovers. They offer a range or attenuating earplugs that reduce damaging frequencies but still allow you to hear the music – ideal for a leisure time musician. 

You can find out more about ACS on their Making Music Corporate Membership blog and on their website

Custom Fit Hearing Protection 

Partnership with Sing Ireland

Making Music is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with Sing Ireland, an association which supports communities of singers across Ireland. With the shared values of developing and supporting all forms of group singing, we hope that this is the first step to bringing our musical communities closer together.


In the summer edition of Highnotes, we discuss programming women composers, explain the NHS' social prescribing programme, check in with the Royal Choral Society, explore an ear training app and more.

To download a PDF copy, hover over the Highnotes image below and select 'download PDF' symbol in the top lefthand corner of the window. Or share with your group members by clicking in the top right hand corner.

Making Music discounts: Overview

We know that many of our member groups operate on a tight budget. Working with our corporate members, we’ve collected more than two dozen discounts, subsidies and offers to help our members save on everything from sheet music to booking artists and making recordings. 

Making Music Platform - help guides

Read our step-by-step help guides, for setting up and using your MM Platform