Otherworldly music from Adopt a Composer

KEMS Concert Band are back and looking forward to their premiere of Chris Schlechte-Bond's Adopt a Composer work.

KEMS Concert Band is now back from its summer break (complete with tour to Belgium), and rehearsals for our premiere on 15 October are in full swing.

Since the restart, we have done two sessions on what we expect to be the final version of Chris’s piece, now with the title of Martian Saloon, and we really feel we are getting our heads around it.  Even the whistling seems manageable now!

We’ve had a couple of new members join the band since we started this and it is gratifying to hear their positive comments about the piece and the band’s approach. Building on the title of Chris’s work, the our concert has the title 'Out of this World' and will also include Orpheus in the Underworld, In the Hall of the Mountain King and a selection from Mary Poppins. The artwork for the concert is complete and the tickets are already selling well.

KEMS concert band concert

We are hoping to welcome Chris back up to Macclesfield soon so we can start to put the finishing touches to his piece.