Make Music Day UK

Make Music Day is an annual, international celebration of music held every year on 21 June, now in 125 countries and over 1,000 cities. It's made by everyone for everyone, and there are many ways to get involved – in the UK, with European projects, and globally.

Watch Make Music Day UK live

Make Music Day will be livestreaming a fabulous variety of musical events from across the UK all day on Monday 21 June, and Making Music member groups will be featuring in a special slot at 7.30pm-8pm. See the full lineup on the Make Music Day UK website and watch live on YouTube from 11am.

What can you do for Make Music Day UK?

  1. Go digital again - avoid audiences and pre-record or livestream something on the day.
  2. Find enclosed outdoor space to perform and avoid (e.g. a walled garden in a park); or a private outdoor space (school playground after hours?) and admit limited audience in proportion to the size of the space; or perform without an audience and record or livestream for an audience at home.
  3. Join our making Music on a Bandstand project, details below

Before the big day...

  • Find out what you’re allowed to do in your nation using our guidance tool
  • Find resources for creating digital events, music for the new anthem, and more on the Make Music Day website, or find a bandstand near you 
  • Register your event, so it can appear on the Make Music day map!

Making Music on Make Make Music Day

Making Music’s own plans for 2021 are to encourage and support bandstand performances (where possible in terms of Covid restrictions). We are also programming one outdoor performance in each UK nation and inviting our member groups to perform.

We have also invited our members to book a bandstand near them for their own performances which, if rules don’t allow audiences, they can pre-record and broadcast on the big day, on 21 June.

If you want to perform on a bandstand, have a look at the Pavilions for Music website below to find one near you.

Find a bandstand 

Make Music Day 2020

In 2020, all over the world Make Music Day went digital, which gave even more chances for people to get involved and Perform, Create and Watch.

At Making Music we love Make Music Day as a great opportunity to celebrate our member groups and all their members, showcasing the musical talent in communities across the UK and encouraging new people to have a go.

That’s why we created a digital project for all members of any Making Music groups to be part of - a Virtual Choir & Ensemble. We commissioned a special arrangement of the Make Music Day anthem 'Bring Me Sunshine' which enabled everyone to join in – voice or instrument, improvised percussion, beginner or advanced, music reader or not. The finished video was broadcast on 21 June on the official Make Music Day UK channel, and you can watch it again below.

Find out about how Make Music Day 2020 went, and its digital impact

Read the report

To find out more about Make Music Day in general, visit the website