Taking part in existing cultural 'days' other organisations’ projects is a fantastic way to contribute to the world of community music, while raising your group’s profile with potential audiences and members - and learning from enthusiasts from different artistic backgrounds. It can help give your year a focus and different goals to work towards. Explore what might suit your group!

What could you do?


Create your own event

Putting on your own event and tying it in to a national festival or movement is a really good way for your group to try something new, but in a setting that is familiar to you. We’ve put together some resources to help you plan an event with a difference, and some opportunities below that you might want to connect with for some extra exposure. You can usually list your event on the relevant website for extra free publicity. 

If you want to open up participation to other people in the community, why not run a come and sing or come and play event? Our Come and sing/play toolkit will help you to plan everything that you need. If you want to encourage new or rusty musicians, your event could provide learning opportunities – see our Learn to Play Day Q&A page for some suggestions as to how you could make this work.

You could team up with another music group in your area for a performance - see our guidance on collaborating with other music groups for tips on where to start.

Or if you really want to draw attention to yourselves, why not consider putting on a flashmob?

Collaborate with other art forms

For an event with a difference, consider joining up with a group that practices another art form, such as drawing, painting or dancing. You could work together to create an event that really enthuses your local community, and which will bring a new element to your music making. Here are some of our suggestions for multi-arts events.

Recruit volunteers and helpers for your organisation

Every music group needs helpers who help make the group run smoothly – from small jobs such as selling tickets or refreshments at events, larger jobs such as publicity or more bigger roles such as acting as a trustee for your group. Voluntary Arts have some guidance on recruiting and working with volunteers, and our Trustees handbook will help you to think in more detail about some of the key responsibilities involved. Opportunities for you to promote your volunteer needs throughout the year include:

Perform through an existing project

If you just want to perform and don’t want the hassle of devising and planning an event, you can apply to take part in existing events organised by others. It’s still a great opportunity for your group to gain some more performance experience and to reach new audiences. 

 This is a list of some of the biggest opportunities that we're aware of, but there are many others! If there is a particular project or festival you think other members might be interested in, or if you have any questions about those listed, contact us at info@makingmusic.org.uk