The millennial gap: Tips for recruiting younger members

Struggling to recruit younger members? In this guidance, reprinted from the Autumn 2016 issue of Highnotes, Making Music’s Youth Engagement Manager Xenia Davis has some suggestions.

The biggest barrier to young people joining music groups isn’t repertoire, or classical music being perceived as ‘stuffy’, or the age profile of the group.

Exploring music making report

One of the three priorities in our five-year-plan (which we started working to in 2017) is to welcome even more kinds of music groups to become part of the Making Music community. 

With a grant from the Arts Council England, we engaged Fiona Goh to look into this for us, and she delivered her report at the end of 2018. 

To download a PDF copy, hover over the Exploring Music Making report below and select 'download PDF' in the top left-hand corner.

Highnotes - spring 2019

In the spring issue of Highnotes we look at research on the connection between making music and wellbeing, how groups can improve their appeal to younger people, and an exhibition at the Barbican Music Library celebrating leisure-time music making.

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Christmas cards from Making Music

Help support Making Music to create more inspiring musical opportunities for people around the UK by buying our musical Christmas cards this year

Highnotes - autumn 2018

In the autumn issue of Highnotes we explore what makes good group dynamics, how to protect your hearing, and we celebrate 100 years of the Choir Schools Association.

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2017 Membership Survey: the results

Our 2017 membership survey aimed to find out what members think about Making Music as an organisation, what they think and value about their membership with us and what they think about the specific services, resources and support we offer. It was completed by individuals representing 20% of our members groups – a big thank you to all of them.

Selected Artists guide - 2018

The 2018 edition of Selected Artists. Created by the Making Music Selected Artists Panel, and containing a selection of outstanding musicians available to all Making Music members.

Highnotes - summer 2018

In the summer issue of Highnotes we explore how to energise your music group through new ways of performing, learn about the festivals that are leading an arts intervention, and take a look at New Orleans jazz.

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Making Music, Making Communities - Report

View the full results and analysis of Professor Stephanie Pitts' survey of Making Music member groups and their connections with local communities.

This report is the result of a substantial pilot study Professor Stephanie Pitts has undertaken which begins to give us a clearly evidenced picture of what we think is the very significant social and economic impact of music groups on their communities. We very much hope this will lead to a more extensive piece of research as we continue to pursue these important questions together.