Sample scores for the Festival of Contemporary Music for All

The Festival of Contemporary Music for All (CoMA) has kindly provided a selection of sample scores for newly commissioned instrumental and vocal pieces. Take a look and get in touch for the full parts (free of charge for members) if you would like to perform a piece at an event during the Festival weekend (4-6 March 2022).

Choral works

Paul Burnell - 'December Air'
Alex Campkin - 'New Moon'

Instrumental works

Oliver Leith - 'Hooligans'
Xia Leon Sloane - 'And the Leaves Grow Still'
Yshani Perinpanayagam - 'Group Hug'
Heloise Werner - 'Outside Phrases'

If you are interested in performing a work, please contact CoMA librarian Liz Herbert, who will provide the full parts and any additional resources.

Please forward any questions to either Liz or festival director Tamara Kohler.

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